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Interactive 3D Models & Virtual Tour Services

Our interactive 3D models and virtual tours offer engaging ways to explore products and environments like never before. With our interactive 3D models, users can zoom in and out, rotate, change lighting, and inspect products from every angle. Our virtual 3D tours, on the other hand, provide a fully immersive experience, allowing users to navigate and explore at their own pace within a simulated 3D world. Whether you’re showcasing products or entire environments, our interactive 3D model solutions will captivate your audience and set you apart from the competition.


What are Interactive 3D Models

“Interactive 3D content refers to 3D models and virtual environments that users manipulate via mouse or keyboard commands”

Interactive 3D content refers to 3D models and virtual environments that users manipulate via mouse or keyboard commands, resulting in immersive and engaging experiences. Interactive 3D is ideal for showcasing products, e-learning, training and trade show demonstrations. Production involves using optimised 3D models and textures which can be created from scratch or repurposed from existing CAD files.

3D Interactive Model content Benefits

“View products from any angle, under dynamic lighting conditions and in any environment”

The benefits of 3D interactive content are numerous, including the ability to view products from any angle, under dynamic lighting conditions and being able to explore hazardous or cost-restrictive environments without being there. With the added capability of VR and AR technology, the potential for interactive 3D content is immense. That’s why we recommend using the Sketchfab platform.

Virtual 3D Product Tours

With the Sketchfab autopilot feature, you can take your audience on captivating predefined interactive 3D virtual tours of any product or environment. This is an ideal solution for visualising potentially hazardous work environments, conducting staff induction courses, creating virtual exhibits at trade shows and exhibitions, showcasing products, and running health and safety training sessions.

3D Product Turntables

Our interactive model turntables provide potential customers with a 360° view of your products, helping them make informed purchase decisions. 3D product turntables can be embedded into web pages and shared on various social media platforms, similar to YouTube or Vimeo videos. Immerse yourself in the product viewing experience with our 3D model turntables, and enhance your buying journey.

Renewable Energy Models

We create bespoke 3D models for the offshore and renewable energy industries. This includes wind turbines, offshore substations, bolt-on accessories for designing your own products, electric vehicles (EVs), and more. Our goal is to help you visualise your renewable energy solutions and engage your audience in fresh and innovative ways. Get in touch with us today to find out more.